Hiding out from the wind and rain in a hollow at the top of a mountain near the slovenian coast with Joe

I am Will Gibson, 27 years old and lover of all things bikes. I am from Northumberland in the UK and currently live in Kvanndal on the west coast of Norway. Since leaving home I have taken myself and my bike exploring around several parts of the world; whether it be in my back yard or on the other a foreign land.

When choosing where to live, work or study I have chosen places with quality riding nearby, having lived in places including Aberdeen, Grenoble, Ljubljana, Trondheim, Châtel previously and travelled to more.

I have spent several years training to be an architect and study or work have led me to live in several cities and countries, all of which have provided some new and interesting biking adventures. I have recently qualified and am now on the look out for a job whilst also continuing to fuel the biking addiction.


Coffee break in St Pierre De Chartreuse

I grew up in the wet and soggy county of Northumberland in the north east of the UK, as most kids do, I grew up riding bikes wherever I could however I developed a real interest with mountain bikes around the age of 14.

I moved to Aberdeen for university when I was 18 and spent a lot of time exploring the local trails and those on the fringes of the Cairngorms whilst setting up the first cycling club at Robert Gordon University, which still exists today. I moved there with a view to be there for 7 years to study a masters in architecture, however that quickly changed after my bachelors.

I think spending a lot of time reading MBUK articles and sites such as Pinkbike as I grew up and seeing images of famed places such as Les Gets and Vancouver’s North Shore is what gave me the desire to get out there and explore more of the world with my bike. So when the opportunity came to move to the city of Ljubljana to work – I took it. From there the globetrotting adventure of the last 5 years began.

I have since studied my masters in Grenoble in the French Alps and Trondheim in Norway and worked in London, Châtel and Gothenburg. I have also travelled to many other locations around Europe with friends to ride and race and generally have a good time! I’ve recently spent a lot of time riding in the south of France, taking part in some great enduro races down there as well as working for Ride Slovenia and discovering how great this country is for riding.

I’ve finished studying last year and recently moved to Norway again where we have opened a BnB and will hopefully be doing more riding in the famous fjords of the country.